Foreign expansion

Foreign direct investments support the growth of Polish companies and enable the acquisition of best practices and technologies. Foreign investments simultaneously serve the development of both - Polish and host countries economies. The involvement of the Polish International Development Fund expands the limits for Polish companies, allowing them to obtain financing for new projects which otherwise would be difficult to achieve.

The emergence of a substantial amount of outbound foreign investments is a natural stage in the transformation from developing countries to developed countries. FDIs  make it possible to increase the scale of operations, diversify risk, provide access to new technologies and ideas, and lead to the creation of new, highly specialised jobs in the country.

There is no prospect for a strong economy and growth of the country's competitiveness without increasing foreign direct investments. What the Polish economy needs are more investments as they guarantee technological development, increase in productivity as well as access to resources.  Courage and determination of Polish entrepreneurs to invest abroad are key success factors. The Polish International Development.

Ewa Małyszko, CEO of PFR TFI

Benefits of foreign expansion

Responsible foreign direct investment is beneficial both from the perspective of the host country and the country from which the investor originates.

The most common benefits of foreign direct investment include: increase in capital resources, production volume and income, increase in the productivity of production factors,  improvement in the efficiency of market operations through the inflow of know-how, the inflow of new technologies and the stimulation of innovation and increased competitiveness. Foreign direct investments also result in increased integration with the global economy. This is due to the complementarity of investments with the exports of the country of origin – investments can contribute to the growth of exports.

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Transfer of technology and best management practices

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Improved quality of institutions

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Improvement in productivity

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Increase in total number of investments

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Increase in employment and wages

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Integration with global economy

The role of the PFR Group in the foreign expansion of Polish enterprises

The development institutions gathered in the PFR Group offer various mechanisms of support for the international activity of Polish enterprises. The PFR Group supports foreign investments by offering advisory services, as well as by organising activities to promote Polish companies on the international arena.

Depending on their needs, Polish companies can make use of various products to facilitate international activities:

The Polish International Development Fund supports the investment expansion of Polish companies into foreign markets by co-financing direct foreign investments. The fund offers long-term, stable equity and debt financing.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency carries out a broad range of activities from the promotion of the Polish economy and strengthening the image of Polish brands on the international arena, through providing access to comprehensive information on the economic and legal environment to  assisting in fulfilling administrative procedures.

BGK (a state development bank) in turn, offers financing for short- and long-term export contracts of Polish enterprises. Thanks to this solution, Polish companies can reduce the risk of non-payment for goods or services delivered to a foreign client, while at the same time offering attractive financing.

Export Credit Insurance Corporation (KUKE) insures trade transactions of Polish entrepreneurs. As the only such entity in the country, KUKE insures long-term export projects of an investment nature, financed by loans with a repayment period of two years or more.

The Polish International Development Fund

co-financing of foreign direct investments

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency

 activities promoting the Polish economy abroad, consulting

BGK (a state development bank)

financing of export contracts

Export Credit Insurance Corporation

insurance of trade transactions of Polish entrepreneurs

Files to download

Below you will find downloads which have been grouped into three categories: the first section contains reports and market studies by our experts, followed by our presentations on the fund. In the last part you will find recordings and interviews.


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Ranking of the most promising destinations for foreign expansion of Polish companies

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Polish foreign investments. How can we help entrepreneurs expand?


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Polish International Development Fund

We co-finance foreign investments of Polish companies 


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