At the end of 2021, the Polish International Development Fund established cooperation with Laude Smart Intermodal. Their joint investment concerns the acquisition of shares in a subsidiary, Laude Assets GmbH with its registered office in Essen, Germany, which will concentrate assets and provide intermodal services in Germany and Western Europe.

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Type of financing: acquisition of shares in a subsidiary

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Fund share: 49%

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Total project value: EUR 20 million

Company profile

Laude Smart Intermodal is a dynamically growing company from the transport, forwarding and logistics industry. The main source of revenue in Laude group is intermodal transport in containers. Intermodal transport is defined as a type of transport which involves at least two different modes of transport for the same transport unit on the whole route, from the sender to the receiver. In the case of Laude, the applied solutions combine road and rail transport.

The success of the company is based on patented innovative solutions which make it possible to achieve a lasting cost advantage. In recent years, Laude Smart Intermodal S.A. carried out a large investment programme. It also developed and patented a modern method of transporting cargo in specialised steel containers, thanks to which it is possible to eliminate the cost of packaging, reloading and means used to secure the cargo, at the same time increasing the tonnage. In Poland, the company has two logistics centres in Zamość and Sosnowiec. Laude regularly operates on about 70 routes in Poland and transports goods to Moldova, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. Every month, it transports over 6,000 containers by railway in Poland alone, during which the company’s locomotives cover about 45,000 kilometres.

Motivations of the company to expand abroad

The investment in Germany fits into the long-term strategy of the company related to launching new routes in subsequent countries in Western Europe. The group prioritises expansion to the German market. It is also planning to develop in other European markets. Ultimately, the company is going to build a chain of intermodal services connecting Western Europe with the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Making use of the business model implemented by the company in Russia and Ukraine will enable the company to develop quicker and diversify revenue further.

Choice of expansion destination

Germany is one of European countries which are actively implementing an environmentally-friendly transport policy. What can be observed as a result is a strong focus on rail and intermodal transport, which makes it possible to shift the carriage potential to more environmentally-friendly means of transport. Moreover, Germany is one of the biggest commercial partners of Poland. About 8 million trucks travel between our countries. Laude Smart Intermodal sees the above conditions as an opportunity to develop its business activities.

Benefits of expansion

The investment will enable our partner to increase its scale of operation, travel on routes which ensure higher margins and diversify revenue further.

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