In 2019 the Polish International Development Fund provided SaMASZ with a debt to further develop its subsidiary - SaMASZ North America LLC in Canada and the United States. The objective of the investment was to increase the availability of machines in these markets. The company developed distribution channels, expanded warehouses and increased employment. As a result, the sales dynamics of SaMASZ products increased by several percent and the company built a strong position outside of the European continent.

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Type of financing: a debt

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Fund share: USD 2 million

Company profile

SaMASZ belongs to the leading European manufacturers of agricultural and municipal machinery. Its offer includes over 300 types of machinery (e.g. mowers, rakes, tedders). SaMASZ has been developing its export sales since 1994. Currently about 65% of production goes to 50 countries around the world. The biggest ones are Germany, Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Finland, France and the Baltic countries. The company operates on the American continent as SaMASZ North America LLC.

Motivations of the company to expand abroad

The sales of agricultural machines is characterised by a high degree of seasonality. The forage harvesting period lasts from May to September and the availability of machines in this period is crucial. The scale of the conducted business forced further investments. In the case of distant markets, such as the United States and Canada, the traditional form of export from the head office in Poland would have no chance of success in the long term.

Benefits of expansion

Thanks to the investment, SaMASZ North America LLC has been constantly developing its activities both in the USA and Canada. Own subsidiary provides fast and efficient customer service, maintenance and full access to spare parts, which is crucial for achieving a strong position on the market.

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