At the end of 2020 Pekabex, together with the Polish International Development Fund, made its first foreign acquisition. The transaction concerned the purchase of 100 percent of shares in the German precast concrete factory FTO Fertigteilwerk Obermain GmbH.

rodzaj finansowania

Type of financing: acquisition of shares in a subsidiary

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Fund share: EUR 2.94 million

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Total project value: EUR 12.25 million

Company profile

The Pekabex Group is a leader in modern system construction in Poland. It provides solutions for the design, manufacture and assembly of building structures based on the technology of precast reinforced concrete elements, as well as comprehensive construction of buildings on a “turn-key basis”. Currently, production is carried out in five factories and the factory in Bavaria will be the company’s sixth one. The Pekabex Group’s annual production capacity is approximately 148,000 m3 of structural elements and 950,000 m2 of ceiling elements (slabs, filigree slabs, walls).

Motivation of the company to expand abroad

The goal of the Pekabex Group is to become a significant player on the European market.

Choice of expansion destination

The Pekabex Group has been involved in projects on the German market for a long time. The purchase of a factory located in Bavaria will allow the company to improve cost efficiency by reducing the costs of transport. 

Benefits of expansion

The purchase of FTO perfectly fits the strategy of expansion on the prospective German market and leads to an increase in the Poznań Group’s involvement in this area.

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