In 2021 Victoria House S.A. obtained a loan from the Polish International Development Fund for further development of the company’s activities. The aim of the investment is to increase the scale of operations on the German market. The acquired funds are intended for the purchase of investment land in attractive locations in Berlin and Leipzig. New investments will allow Victoria Dom to build a strong position on the German real estate market.

rodzaj finansowania

Type of financing: a debt

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Fund share: EUR 10 million

Company profile

Victoria House has 23 years of experience. Traditionally focussed on the Warsaw market, since 2016 it has been developing its activities on the German market. It has successfully completed its first residential investments in Germany. It concentrates on large cities, mainly Berlin and Leipzig.

Motivation of the company to expand abroad

The expansion is part of a long-term strategy aimed at diversifying revenues. The strategy envisages targeting projects in agglomerations that face a structural housing shortage and are growing dynamically. Berlin, for example, offers such prospects due to population growth, increasing life expectancy and the growing number of single-person households.

Choice of expansion destination

From the company’s point of view, Germany is a very important prospective destination, complementing the developer’s activity in Poland. Due to the preferences of clients, larger flats, built on a “turn-key basis”, are most frequently purchased in Germany. The investments carried out there make it possible to obtain higher margins than in Poland. 

Benefits of expansion

In the future Germany will be one of the main markets where the company plans its development. The developer also plans to expand into other large agglomerations. 

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