PFR Biznest FIZ

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The PFR Biznest FIZ was created to support innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at an early stage of development.

What does the fund do?

The PFR Biznest FIZ is the fund of funds, whose beneficiaries are innovative companies at an early stage of development. They may either be an enterprise that:

  • does not conduct activities on any market (Group A), or

  • has been conducting activities on any market for less than 7 years since the first commercial sale (Group B).

The fund strategy is to make investments through financial intermediaries (co-investment funds) cooperating with Business Angels that – by sharing their experience and competences and smart money – increase the financed companies’ chances of commercial success.

Who may benefit from the Fund?

  • Innovative small and medium enterprises,

  • Private investors.

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What purposes or projects are implemented by the fund?


Contributing capital to innovative SMEs together with Business Angels,


Establishment and development of an ecosystem: of Business Angels and management teams co-investing with Business Angels,


creation and development of the best standards on the market of Business Angels, including standards of syndication processes.

How does the financing by the PFR Biznest FIZ function?

The fund finances companies through capital investments of the Financial Intermediary (co-investing fund) in co-investment with Business Angels in the following proportion:

  • 50% is invested by the financial intermediary (co-investing fund),

  • the remaining 50% of the contribution is made by Business Angels.

Area of operation:

The financing may be granted to companies which have registered offices and run business activities in Poland. Companies-beneficiaries may have the form of a joint-stock company or a limited joint-stock partnership.

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Investment period:

The fund implements the investment for 8 years: 4 years form an investment period and the next 4 years form the stage of the fund’s exit from the investment. Each stage may be extended by 2 years.

Structure of shares after the investment by the fund:

The contribution of the PFR Biznest FIZ may range from 5 to 49% of the value of the company’s share.

A single company may obtain PLN 4 million in the following proportion:

  • 50% from the contribution of the Financial Intermediary (co-investment fund), and

  • 50% from the contribution of Business Angels.

How does the investment process in PFR Biznest FIZ function?

  • Together with the Business Angels, PFR Biznest creates a Financial Intermediary, i.e. the co-investment fund for the given call. Such a fund may be created as one of the following two models: co-investment or non-co-investment.

  • The PFR Biznest transfers resources up to 50% of the fund capitalisation. The remaining 50% is transferred by the Business Angels.

  • In its 50% contribution, the PFR Biznest FIZ transfers up to 96% of the capitalisation – the remaining 4% is transferred by the managing entity.

Co-investment model

Members of the Team of the Entity managing the fund also invest as Business Angels.

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Non-co-investment model

Members of the Team of the Entity managing the fund are not Business Angels.

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Fund type:

Fund of Funds

Fund profile:

Financing of innovative companies at an early stage of development granted by financial intermediaries in cooperation with Business Angels

Available resources:

PLN 258 million

Capital entries:

The maximum investment in a single company may amount to PLN 4 million in the following proportion: 50% from the financial intermediary’s contribution and 50% from the Business Angels’ contribution

Investment period:

8 years

Investment process:

Open selection of financial intermediaries cooperating with Business Angels carried out through PFR Ventures

Management of the fund
Record of Investment Funds

RFI 1451

Abbreviated name of the fund


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