Fundusz Inwestycji Samorządowych FIZAN

What does the Fund do?

Fundusz Inwestycji Samorządowych (Local Government Investment Fund) was created in order to co-finance projects developed by Local Government Units (Jednostki Samorządu Terytorialnego, or JST) or their subordinate companies, as well as partners in PPP projects.

The resources obtained from the fund allow local governments to implement projects connected with needs of local communities. Due to this, local authorities can have an impact on the development of the infrastructure in regions. What is more important – these projects are adjusted to the specificity of the local communities.

Who may benefit from the Fund?

  • Local Governments Units

  • Partners in PPP (public-private partnership) projects

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What purposes or projects are implemented by the fund?


Strengthening the development processes in Poland through modernisation of the infrastructure base at the local or regional level.


Ensuring balanced and sustainable economic development.


Supporting local development

Forms of financing

Local Governments Units may obtain resources from the fund by transferring shares or bonds in local government companies. A Local Governments Units may transfer, for use or lease, shares in municipal companies to the Fund. The fund may engage in co-financing under the Public-Private Partnership model.

Area of operation

The scope of co-financing is very broad and covers such areas as:

  • water supply and sewage systems,

  • heating sector,

  • waste management,

  • regional airports,

  • urban transport,

  • regional railway transport,

  • road infrastructure,

  • social infrastructure.

Local governments may also obtain funds for such facilities as: sport infrastructure, business support infrastructure and urban infrastructure.

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Time of investment implementation: up to 20 years. This time may be reduced if the fund ceases to exist before the end of the maximum period.

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Most important advantages

Local Governments Units may obtain many benefits arising from cooperation with the Fund – the most important ones include:

  • acquisition of a stable and professional partner,

  • possibility to benefit from the Fund’s knowledge and experience,

  • possibility to benefit from financing granted by the Fund for the statutory objectives of Local Governments Units or a Company owned thereby,

What needs to be done to receive financing?

The first step is to contact the company managing the fund’s portfolio, i.e. PFR TFI. This can be done through the helpline or contact form. Local governments can choose the Fund as a partner within competitive procedures.

Management of the fund
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