PFR Fundusz Funduszy

What does the fund do?

The lack of local investors in Private Equity funds results in a small number of funds investing in small and medium enterprises. Consequently, the SME sector experiences less access to capital.

The stimulation of entrepreneurship in the SME sector constitutes an important role of the PFR Group, to which PFR TFI belongs. The PFR Fundusz Funduszy was created to fill this gap in the market.


The fund exists to support the implementation of the Strategy for Responsible Development.

It is carried out in two ways:

  • strengthening of the capital markets (private equity funds), and

  • provision of capital to companies from the SME sector.

Who may benefit from the fund?

  • Private equity funds

  • Traditional companies which need capital

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What purposes or projects are implemented by the fund?


The preparation of the Polish economy for the challenges connected with globalisation and the impact of global social and economic trends.


Promotion of the Polish economy and support of the inflow of foreign investments into Poland.


Investing in sustainable social and economic development.

The fund complements the financing offer of PFR Ventures financial intermediaries, focusing on private equity investment funds.

Area of operation and legal requirements:

The private equity fund may receive financing provided that it commits to investing in Polish companies at least 50% of the portfolio or 4 times the capital commitment of the Fund.

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The fund invests in companies for up to 10 years.

In a particularly justified situation, the investment time may be extended by 2 years.

Structure of shares after the investment by the fund

The company in which the Fund invests always keeps the majority participation.

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Important information:

  • The fund addresses the market gap identified in the Strategy for the PFR Group.

  • The creation of the Fund fits with the Strategy for Responsible Development and implements directly the PFR Group’s strategic purposes.

How does the Fund function?

Fund operation is based on the intermediate model – with the selection of professional management teams (Private Equity funds).

The purposes of such solutions include:

  • increase in the programme’s effectiveness and range,

  • mobilisation of capital from private investors.


The Fund carries out investments on market terms. The selection is based on:

  • international market standards of such associations as: Institutional Limited Partners Association and Invest Europe, as well as on close cooperation with the world’s largest investors;

  • criteria included in the Fund’s investment strategy, with a special focus on the experience of the management team in working with portfolio companies and the creation of added value.

An important criterion of the selection of the private equity fund is whether part of the fund’s investment team is located in Poland.

Management of the fund
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