The concept of sustainable investment

ESG is an acronym for Environmental, Social, Governance. ESG investment is therefore a way of investing capital that takes into account environmental factors, social responsibility and corporate governance in addition to the purely financial aspect.

According to research, ESG factors are increasingly important to the success and long-term profitability of businesses, and integrating sustainability into the core strategy is now a necessity. Increasing awareness of our impact on our planet and society in the investment process contributes to a better understanding of company business models and a more accurate measurement of risk. When we make decisions while taking into account three non-financial macro-factors: Environmental (E), Social (S) and Governance (G), we can limit the negative impact of humans on the environment.

Financial market participants also have an important role in the process of transforming the economy towards a more sustainable environment and society. This involves adapting the activities of financial institutions to the principles of sustainable development, whereby identifying and managing ESG-related risks in a way that takes into account changes in the business environment.

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We invest in a responsible way

Guided by the interests of participants in the investment funds it manages, PFR TFI adopts the principles of sustainable development and ESG standards, which cover issues relating to environmental protection (Environmental), social responsibility (Social) and management, corporate governance and anti-corruption (Governance).

These issues are taken into account both at the level of PFR TFI’s operations and the managed funds. In their case, the scope and type of factors taken into account depends on the investment policy of a given fund.

Detailed information on the policy applied in this respect can be found in the documents below:


Strategy for incorporating sustainable development risks in the process of making investment decisions by PFR TFI S.A.

Statement on the due diligence strategy with regard to the main adverse effects of investment decisions on sustainable development factors

Statement on the evaluation of individuals subject to the Variable Remuneration Components Policy

PFR TFI S.A. acknowledges that risks to sustainable development, where justified, are part of the assessment of individuals subject to the Variable Remuneration Components Policy at PFR TFI S.A. as part of the individual assessment in terms of non-financial criteria. The Variable Remuneration Components Policy at PFR TFI S.A. is available at this page

More information

We also encourage you to visit the Corporate Governance tab, where you can find information on PFR TFI’s application of the Principles of Corporate Governance for Supervised Institutions, as well as other documents, such as the Investment Funds’ Engagement Policy. 


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