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Kamil Kosiński

Director of the Target-Date Fund Department in PFR TFI S.A.

Expert in long-term asset management. In 2012 - 2018, as the Director of the Investment Division in Pekao PTE S.A., he managed an open pension fund (OFE) with assets exceeding PLN 4 billion reaching a return rate of 42.8%. Since 2012, he also managed a voluntary pension fund (DFE), whose assets had been invested in different types of financial instruments on many markets starting from the USA through Europe and ending up in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. In the period of his management, the generated return rate amounted to 32.5%. He holds the licence of investment advisor no. 638 and stockbroker no. 3183. Graduate of the University of Warsaw, with a degree in Finance and Banking.


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Michał Sikorski, CFA

Fund Manager in PFR TFI S.A.

He has over ten-years of experience on the capital market; expert in the fundamental analysis of enterprises and the creation and management of fund portfolios. He has worked for EY, BZ WBK AM, BPH TFI and other entities. In PFR TFI, he created and successfully implemented the first investments in PFR Fundusz Funduszy FIZ (PE Fund of Funds) – the first Private Equity investment fund in Poland, managed locally.

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